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We got our dog as a rescue four years ago and ever since then we've been wondering exactly what he is. The shelter we got him from just had him listed as Havanese mix , he is actually Maltese, ShihTzu, Cairn, Who would have thunk it ☺ The DNA kit arrived in a timely manner, and doing the test could not be any easier. The instructions are good, and mailing the sample back is also very convenient. You just put the included shipping label on the outside of the original box and give it to the mail. We believe that these results are accurate and it's so nice being able to look these dogs up and see what types of personality traits they have and also what type of health issues to look out for, so we can be proactive and not ignore or miss signs of trouble. We would recommend this test.

Great and Fun Product!

Amazon Customer

This kit is a little more expensive than some and a little less than others, but I would say it is just right overall. Very high quality kit, not just a couple of q-tips in an envelope like some. The process is a bit long and I am impatient, but glad I did this. Taking the sample and sending it off is very easy and convenient. can’t wait for the results!!

Highly recommend


I adopted my dog about 5 years ago. His temperament suggests dachschund but my vet assures me that he’s a mix of either one or multiple breeds. I’ve always been curious to find out but didn’t pull the trigger getting a test until recently. I saw that this kit had great reviews and that the test was much more advanced and thorough than it’s competitors. The instructions were easy to follow. I got the test results and my dog is dachschund (as I always knew), miniature pincher and poodle! All breeds make sense now, especially the poodle part since my pooch is crazy smart. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Very advanced test, the mystery of my adopted dog is over!


Overall, very satisfied with Find My Pet DNA... Collecting the sample from our dog was easy as well as mailing it in with postage paid. Haven't got the result yet but so far so good.

very satisfied with Find My Pet DNA

Amazon Customer

The test kit was simple to use and the results came in very fast! I bought another DNA test kit from a different company to compare the results. Surprised to see they did not have similar results. However, Find Pet DNA has excellent customer service. They answered my inquiries in a fast timely manner while I'm still waiting to hear from the other brand.

Find Pet DNA has excellent customer service

R. Han

This was so easy and convenient to do. The kit is self explanatory and goes right back in the mail after a couple of inner cheek swabs! I liked being able to follow it on the web site. The results were ready in 10 days and fit my pup beautifully!

No Fail!

Vicki Smith

Just wish the first test would've worked out. hopefully the 2nd test will give us our answers!!

Five Stars

Gayle Wildt

Easy to do, easy to follow on their website, quick results

super easy

Amazon Customer

Very pleased and excited to learn all of the breeds in our Roxy. We were over the moon to learn there were 4 breeds and thanks to you we now now every breed in her DNA and we couldn't be happier.

Very pleased and excited

L Ellis, Pompano Beach FL

The level of service I received from Find My Pet DNA was amazing. They patiently answered all of my questions thoroughly. It's nice to know what breeds are in my dog Kody and what I can expect from him the future. Thank you!

It’s nice

Susanne H., Hudson's Hope, BC

Thanks so much - this is a wonderful service and now I can use his breed information to ensure he stays in top health.

Thanks so much

The Thiesens

Just wish the first test would've worked out. hopefully the 2nd test will give us our answers!!

Five Stars

Gayle Wildt

The level of service provided by you is very refreshing and much appreciated. Thanks for walking us through this and helping us understand the results, it is much appreciated and really added to the excitement of the whole test!

Thanks for walking us

J. Kim

We appreciate your help. I have told many folks about your test and I hope you see some from Sacramento and Davis soon. My sheltie mix dog is still the sweetest girl dog in California.

We appreciate your help

M. Bliss, Sacramento, CA

Our results were the best Christmas present for our family. We framed Juney's certificate. We just love, love, love it!!! Thanks to all of you for such a fun learning experience.

Christmas present

K. Clusky

I have recommended Find My Pet DNA to more then 50 people and will continue to do so. Very pleased, thank you so much.

Thank you so much

A Soles

It’s pretty cool that you can just do this test at home. The postage was pre-paid and the instructions were very simple. Can't wait for the results! Thank you!

Awesome product!


Delivery was fast and the results were very interesting. It helped answer a lot of questions I had about my dog. Definitely worth checking out.

Worth Checking It Out

Scott S.

This was so fun! I'm very pleased with this product and the results 🙂

Very pleased

Allison Hirsch

They were very easy to work with and let me retest my dog and delivered on the results.

5 stars I will use them again on my next puppy!


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